Newfoundland Native Lover of Words …

Jeanette Winsor, born in Bonavista, Newfoundland is an author, teacher, and an avid reader. She gets up early to research and write, taking time out mid afternoon for her daily refresher—a thirty-minute nap.

Jeanette started her writing back twenty years ago in the magazine industry. But, she realized early on that writing the truth and stating facts was boring. Then her wild imagination took over and odd characters and words hit the pages. Today she has several fictional anthology pieces to her credit, has completed three novels, and is currently planning a fourth. Her latest release is a short story in The Antigonish Review.  

She currently lives in Belize City, Belize with her husband.  She enjoys knitting (not a profitable venture in the Caribbean), snorkeling, cooking Belizean food, and making quilts that never seem to come out right. 

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