The Apprenticeship of Molly Chant

Book 1 in the Silver Cape Cove Series

Hanging for witchcraft has been outlawed in Ireland for centuries…

Sixteen-year-old Molly Chant faces the noose, a punishment unheard of in 1869. Her one chance for escape is to follow her friend, Mick, to a ship ready to sail to the desolate island of Newfoundland. But, crossing the vast, angry ocean to the colonies could be a new kind of death sentence.

Her only hope for redemption is the tiny out-port of Silver Cape Cove, where she struggles for a balance between her healing powers and the superstitious ignorance she encounters there. Will she find a new family and acceptance or become the pariah everyone believes her to be?

Charmed. That’s how I felt after getting to know Molly Chant. A beautiful read allowing me to be transported deep into the heart of the superstitions of Ireland and Newfoundland and how one woman’s journey is changed because of them. ~ RoseAnn Marchitto, Barrie Writers’ Club, President

[A]n expertly told tale of a girl apprenticed into womanhood. Readers experience the predators’ hatred and punishment, Molly’s pain and anger, and her efforts to accept and forgive herself and others. ~ Amazon Reviewer, Yvette M. Holland

Writing with the lyrical voice of a captivating storyteller, Winsor has the reader torn between savouring each evocative line and ripping to the next page. Molly Chant leaves a lingering impression of the tenacious woman who rooted herself to the very rock of Newfoundland. ~ Evie Klein Whittingham, Co-editor and Contributor to Unleashed Ink 1 and 2

The Healer’s Journey

Book 2 in the Silver Cape Cove Series

Touched by the local witch, Thomas is cursed and becomes an outcast until a family secret is revealed…

When Thomas Morley, a young Newfoundland fisherman, is rescued from death by the local witch, he discovers he has the ability to cure sickness and charm blood. A gift, he is told, until seizures and blackouts have him glancing into the future, a place that frightens and confuses him. With folk lore and superstition roiling his world, he knows he’s cursed.

WWI calls Thomas to Europe, and his dreams of fishing the waters around Cape Bonavista are wrecked. On his return from the war, all that he yearned to come home to is gone. As he struggles to conquer ‘shell shock’ and fights to gain back the life he once had, his world becomes a desolate place. Will the revelation of a closely guarded family secret rescue him from this misery or will it bring about his final demise?

A blessing or a curse. Sometimes one was hard to tell from the other.

Molly Chant

Don’t you dare blame me for the misfortunes of this place. My lighting the fire and chanting is no different than what you do.

Molly Chant

Power? We all got power. It comes from the earth, and it comes from within.

Molly Chant

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