Meet Thomas Morley

What Thomas doesn’t know…

The young man from Silver Cape Cove opens the novel, The Healer’s Journey with a problem. He wants nothing more from life than to live in the Cove and fish. But on an early June morning, as he and his father’s crew strike out for the fishing grounds, he senses that something about himself is not quite right.

What is it and can he overcome it? You will travel with Thomas along a rough road that leads him far and wide. From Little Beach to the hallowed halls of a famous university. From Billars and The Green to the horrors of World War I.

But the roughest part of the journey comes when he least expects it and from the one he loves the most.

To bring you back close to the setting again, I’ve used some of Mark Gray’s photography. The two photos to the left and top are from his collection, The one to the far left is from Christine Whiffen. Thank you both.

You first met Thomas in

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